What Potential would you like to unleash in our district?



I am a progressive Democrat. I believe the purpose of government is to unify people and help them reach their deepest potential. In our district, and throughout the U.S., I believe we face two fundamental issues that limit the ability of government to achieve its purpose: 1. The weak ethical context in which we govern. 2. The weak social context in which we govern. In order to make real progress in Albany, I believe we must do far more to reshape the ethical and social context in which we are attempting to solve our problems.


I will accomplish these broad goals in two ways:


1. A semi-annual Innovation Summit that brings together diverse members of our community from business, the non-profit sector and government to creatively tackle challenges we face, Intercultural dialogues among diverse community members, semi-monthly town hall meetings where community members can engage directly with me and with each other, and mini resource sharing events for diverse members of community and diverse organizations to network and share resources.


2. A progressive platform rooted in ethical and transparent government that equips the members of our community with the tools necessary to achieve their deepest potential: 


  • Robust Ethics Reform 
  • Affordable Housing & Strengthening Our Rent Laws 
  • Working Families & Seniors
  • Strong Public Education & Increased Funding for CUNY & SUNY/Passing the Dream Act
  • A cleaner environment through sustainability and quality of life initiatives
  • Reproductive Rights/LGBT Rights 


I will work full-time as a member of the assembly and will not pursue outside work. 


Check out Steven’s comprehensive platform and 12 ideas to reinvent constituent services


Please contact us to let us know what potential you would like to see realized in our district and the issues that are important to you.


Please see where I stand on the issues below: 

  • Steven will fight to ensure that the members of our community have access to affordable housing.
  • He will fight to strengthen NYCHA and ensure that it is sustainable for years to come.
  • Steven believes that organizations thrive when they harness the full potential of their diverse workforce. 
  • Steven will hire a diverse staff that is gender balanced.
  • He will pursue the most progressive workplace and family leave policies to ensure an equal and just office environment.
  • Steven will genuinely listen to his employees to create a workplace environment that works for everyone and is sensitive to individual personality types and family situations. 
  • Steven is committed to ensuring that no one is left behind, that everyone is given a fair chance to succeed, and that all members of our community are equally represented.
  • Steven will not wait for community members to come to him. Instead, he will operate from the premise that all members of the community deserve equal representation no matter where they live or what their background is.
  • Steven will pursue a proactive constituent services model that doesn’t wait for folks to come to his district office but meets them in the community.
  • Steven will offer better service through enhanced technology. In a digital era, constituents expect high standards of service and Steven will deliver a better client experience.
  • Steven will offer members of the community the ability to contact his office via Skype.
  • Steven will provide members of the community with a Google Voice number so constituents can text his office.
  • Steven will utilize state-of-the-art software to better manage constituent services. For example, he will utilize the AskThem platform to enhance citizen participation and accountability.
  • Steven will propose and pursue legislation that first and foremost serves the people of our district and addresses their most pressing concerns.
  • Steven will pursue new ways to crowdsource ideas for legislation through technology as well as by proactively asking diverse members of our community what they would like to see done.
  • Fully aware of how technological solutions and innovations like participatory budgeting can exclude lower income members of our community, Steven will pursue creative solutions that are inclusive.
  • Steven believes in strengthening the public schools in our district and supporting them to ensure they are the best they can be. Albany must do everything in its power to unleash the full potential of our children.
  • Steven believes there has been an overemphasis on standardized test scores at the expense of our children.
  • Steven will humbly listen to what teachers and educators tell him and not assume that he has all the answers.
  • Our public schools offer extraordinary potential for intercultural engagement and Steven will work with schools to further harness the power of their diversity.
  • Steven believes we must make anti-bullying initiatives a priority in our schools.
  • Steven is a proud graduate of Queens College and Baruch College. He has seen firsthand the extraordinary opportunity CUNY provides to many low-income students. Steven believes education must be attainable for all.
  • Steven will fight to ensure Albany continues to strengthen CUNY and SUNY for years to come.
  • Steven will work to address the student debt crisis. He will work to cut loan interest rates so they truly reflect the government's low cost of debt.
  • Steven has an MBA in sustainability. He is passionately committed to protecting our environment through clean energy and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Steven believes we must do everything we can to leave our planet habitable for our children and grandchildren.
  • Steven will pursue legislation in Albany that advances sustainability state-wide and that invests in state-wide infrastructure to generate good jobs.
  • Steven will work to further beautify Riverside Park and Central Park as well as smaller parks in our community.
  • Steven will work to plant more trees in our community and recycle electronic waste. 
  • Steven lost his mom to breast cancer when he was 10. He will fight to ensure government is doing everything it can to help find a cure for cancer and support those who have survived this terrible disease. 
  • Steven is a strong supporter of women's rights. 
  • He strongly believes that in order to unleash the full potential of our society, we must harness the power of women and create a society where women are treated equally. Steven considers himself a feminist. 
  • Steven will fight for pay equity for women workers. 
  • Sunlight is the best disinfectant and Steven will fight for transparent and open government that restores trust in Albany and is driven by a deep commitment to ethics and integrity.
  • Steven will work full time as an assemblymember to avoid any potential conflicts of interest. 
  • Steven will embrace open data to ensure even more New York government data is available digitally.
  • Steven will be accessible and accountable to the people he serves. He will hold constituent town halls once every two weeks to enhance communication and transparency.
  • Steven will be guided by the work of the Moreland Commission and fight to create a government that reflects its recommendations.
  • Within the last few years, homelessness has greatly increased on our streets.
  • Steven believes we need to strengthen homeless support services that address mental health and help folks overcome addiction.
  • Steven supports increased funding for supportive housing but believes we must increase the quality of supportive housing services to ensure that more people are moved out of supportive as soon as possible. 


  • As the grandchild of immigrants from Poland who came through Ellis Island in the 1920s to build a better life for themselves in Brooklyn, Steven understands firsthand the role immigration has played in American renewal, economic growth, and diversity.
  • Steven will fight for comprehensive immigration reform and work to incorporate undocumented workers into the fabric of our society.
  • Steven strongly supports the NY Dream Act. 

  • Steven is committed to advancing economic ties between New York State and Israel. 
  • Steven is committed to a peaceful two-state solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict with a secure Israel living side-by-side with a thriving Palestinian state.
  • Steven is strongly opposed to the BDS movement because he believes the movement is antithetical to the goal of advancing peace between the two sides. He also believe the BDS movement disproportionately and unfairly singles out Israel.
  • Steven is committed to ensuring Iran never acquires a nuclear weapon.
  • Steven is committed to dialogue on the Arab-Israeli conflict so that both sides can better understand each other.
  • Steven believes that we must harness the power of our diverse community in order to fully unleash our potential. 
  • Steven will sponsor community dialogues that deeply connect diverse people to each other and build community.
  • Steven will facilitate resource sharing between community organizations so that everyone in our district benefits.
  • Steven will hold a semi-annual Innovation Summit to bring together diverse leaders in our community from government, the non-profit sector and local businesses to share the work they are doing, network cross-culturally, and develop new solutions to the challenges we face.
  • Steven will co-sponsor more events with a diverse array of local community groups to increase their visibility.
  • Steven will publish a calendar of diverse community events so we are all better informed about our district.
  • Steven will develop an Innovation Lab at his district office to foster creative solutions to issues facing our community. 
  • Steven understands that unions form the backbone of America and are vital to America's renewal.
  • He will work to strengthen unions and protect workers and working families in New York State. 
  • Steven will build on Albany's progress on the minimum wage and continue the fight for better benefits for working families.
  • Steven supports the $15 minimum wage passed by NYS. He believes no one in our district should work full time and still live in poverty and that the minimum wage must match the realities of living in our city.
  • Steven believes in a just economy that works for everyone. 
  • The U.S. is the only developed nation in the world that currently does not guarantee paid leave throughout the country.
  • Steven believes New Yorkers should be able to take time off to care for a new baby or a sick parent without the fear of losing their life savings to do so.
  • Steven strongly supports the 12 weeks paid family and medical leave recently passed in our state.
  • As a child, Steven spent countless joyous hours reading at the St. Agnes branch library on 81st and Amsterdam Avenue.
  • Steven will work to strengthen our community libraries so they continue to be a source of education and joy for members of our community.
  • Steven is a strong supporter of the LGBTQ community. He believes that the fight for LGBTQ rights is fundamentally a fight for human rights. 
  • Steven will be a strong advocate for the LGBTQ community in Albany. He will strive to foster a more understanding and compassionate environment around LGBTQ issues. 
  • Steven grew up with dogs and has a deep love of animals.
  • He will work to protect pets and domesticated animals.
  • Steven will work to empower members of our community to tackle quality of life issues, like litter on our streets, through technology platforms that encourage citizens to take ownership over their communities.
  • Steven will organize volunteers to tackle quality of life issues in our district. For example, he will encourage one person on each block to take control of litter issues and pick up trash on the block twice a day. Steven will start with his own block on 106th street.
  • Steven believes we must draw attention toand work to addresssystemic and institutionalized racism.
  • Steven will engage in the important work of improving race relations and connecting diverse members of our community.
  • There is tremendous potential in the senior community that has not been realized. Our seniors possess a lifetime of experience that is often underutilized in our community. Steven will work with senior groups to better integrate seniors into the fabric of our community.
  • We must reimagine the role seniors play in our society and we must move away from tired stereotypes of irrelevance.
  • America runs on the innovation and ingenuity of small business owners.
  • As a former small business owner, Steven has unique insight into the struggles small business owners face.
  • Steven will work to make it easier for small business owners in our community to follow the law and gain access to much needed capital. 
  • As the son of a Vietnam War veteran, Steven has enormous respect for those who serve and sacrifice in the military.
  • Steven will work with veterans groups to ensure the veterans in our community are cared for and have access to whatever resources they need.